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School Bell Times

  • 9:00am Session 1 

  • 10:00am Session 2 

11:00am Recess Eating

11:15am Recess Play 

  • 11:45am Session 3 

  • 12:30pm Session 4 

1:15pm Eating Time

1:30pm Lunch Play 

  • 2 :00pm Session 5 

  • 3:30pm Home Time

  • The school yard is supervised from 8:45am. Classrooms are open from this time so students can put away bags and get ready for learning.

  • Children are expected to be organised and ready to start learning at the 9:00am bell. 

  • The school gates close at 3:45pm. Students still on grounds after this time must be booked into MOSH - after school care


Absences From School

If your child is going to be away or late please call the school directly on 5727 9298 before 10:00am. 

Please call the school instead of emailing. Emails may go unseen or missed on the day if sent to part-time staff members. 


If your child is absent from school, the Department of Education requires you to supply an explanation of that absence to the class teacher.

Early indication of absences is appreciated as often special programs for the class or group may be planned.


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